Rise up in grace

A month ago, Grindstone Lake still had open water, and ducks, and eagles. This lake is the only lake in the area that is 150 feet deep, and can support trout species. But I like Grindstone Lake because of its picturesque Northwoods qualities. I had a great time paddleboarding on this lake last summer. 

Dreaming of the owl

Last night I dreamed I found an owl in the trees by the house where I grew up. I was able to pick it up–I knew right away it was a boreal owl, even though it had white, gray, scarlet and turquoise patterns on its back. Owl told me it had two broken wings, and […]

Music as transformation

I have always known that certain musical chords and intervals evoke strong emotions. Humans have been making music as long as humans have been on this earth, just like we have been using the healing herbs, and even yes, the fermented spirits. Tonight I drove 40 miles to attend a musical event. My friend Charrie […]