Music as transformation

I have always known that certain musical chords and intervals evoke strong emotions. Humans have been making music as long as humans have been on this earth, just like we have been using the healing herbs, and even yes, the fermented spirits.
Tonight I drove 40 miles to attend a musical event. My friend Charrie was hosting Rahbi Crawford. Rahbi plays various musical instruments, flutes and crystal bowls, to create sound vibrations that heal the chakras. Yeah, I know that sounds all New Agey to a lot of people. But, is it a bad thing to have about 25 people lying on the ground feeling the vibrations? Personally, I had a few moments when I caught my breath. When maybe the music brought up something within me that I needed to let go. I felt very peaceful throughout the whole hour of music.

As I was driving home, these clouds and the light made me stop at the side of the road and catch this sunset. It looks like a white eagle with a raven crossing its path.

Namaste. Tomorrow I walk in celebration of water, along the Kettle River.

2 thoughts on “Music as transformation

  1. Not new agey to me at all. Once had an amazing experience with a singing bowl being played around me, and literally felt the vibration through my body. Energy meeting energy… and a letting go of what we don’t need. Simply beautiful. Namaste, my friend.

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