Dreaming of the owl

Last night I dreamed I found an owl in the trees by the house where I grew up. I was able to pick it up–I knew right away it was a boreal owl, even though it had white, gray, scarlet and turquoise patterns on its back. Owl told me it had two broken wings, and I knew I had to care for it, to find help, even though no one around me seemed to care.
According to Sioux tradition (reading from Ed McGaa in his book “Nature’s Way”), Owl’s truth is in its ability to open its senses and connect with the hidden, to the guidance from the Great Spirit. To seek the truth. I have always felt the need to look below the surface, to question what I was taught. I think this dream was a calling , a reminder to seek the truth and to help out in a time when others are being oppressed. The owl with two broken wings.
This is a powerful time of change. More than I have ever seen in my almost 50 years. I am thinking of ways to connect with my own community. More on that later.

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